Valentine…. equals to Love?

I never quite understand why people tend to associate Valentine with love…..

This is February where everybody thinks as ‘The Love Month’.  Every where you go you can see Pink decorations. In the Malls, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, even in my office. The lobby downstairs is decorated with pink baloons.


Love should not just happen in February… Any time of the year should be good for Love. I never really celebrate Valentine’s Day….. I mean like what couples do…. I did celebrate Valentine when I was still working in education environment. I celebrated it with the children… They were sooo cute. Some gave me Valentine Card. Sooo sweet 🙂

Valentine is just few more days away…. I still don’t have any plans for this year’s. Still the same …. no boyfriend to celebrate with… But I don’t want to seem so gloomy. I’m sure everything happens for a reason. Maybe I do need to be alone for a while…. I still have GOD, my family, my job, my friends, and close friends.


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