Travelling to Bandung

photo_picnwall.jpgI thought I write something different today. For those who read my blogs before, I always wrote things around love and life…. But today I’d like to try something different. This is about my hobby, travelling.

One of my favourite place is Bandung. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Bandung is about 130 km from Jakarta, we can use the new freeway so only takes about 2 hours or so by car.

Bandung is the city of West Java. The climate is cooler than Jakarta because it is located in a higher grounds. There are some tourism places to go to. The scenery is beautiful….

And yet people tend to go to the shopping places more than the tourism places. There are a lot of Factory Outlets… which are very convenient to visit… šŸ™‚ – I don’t really buy clothes there, the quality is not that good I think. But most people like shopping in FOs.

Also good to visit in Bandung (aka city of flowers) are the restaurants and cafes. SomeĀ serve good food, but some others serveĀ so so food with high price. YouĀ buy the environment only.Ā 


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