What would you do when you dated Mr. Wrong?

What would you do when you date someone who considered to be Mr. Wrong?

What is the definition of Mr. Wrong? I think it would be someone that you know cannot give you any future. Someone constantly making you cry, or sad, or angry….. Someone who does everything wrong, things you don’t like….. Someone who cheats, lies, abuses, hurts you…..

I extended a little of the definition…. Mr. Wrong would be someone who is NOT single or available, but dates you anyway.

I had some experiences on that…. I dated someone who is in a relationship, someone who is married, someone who does not want to get married (it is the same thing)….. players are as bad as someone with commitment, as players cannot commit. I also dated someone with bad habits… someone who smokes, drinks, and cheats. Once I found out about their dark secret, usually I tend to push them away…. (this is really bad dating history)….

What would you do?


2 thoughts on “What would you do when you dated Mr. Wrong?

  1. It’s no problem to say bye to a person you don’t care much about. But it’s much more difficult and heartbreaking to part with a person who is very important to you.

    After noticing some habit suggesting that a guy I’m going out is Mr. Wrong, I try and talk it over with him. If he gives up gambling, coming home late, etc, it’s ok, we turn over a new relationship sheet.

    The worst thing when he doesn’t want to lift a finger. So that’s the life he likes. Yeah, it’s really awful, but I break up with him.

    Yep, sleepless nights, ponderings that I was wrong…

    And the greatest mistake is to begin dating with him again. If the problem isn’t solved, it doesn;t mean it won’t trouble you ever- never. Actually it will, as soon as you stop wearing rose-colored glasses…

    The best thing is to face truth and reality…

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