Positive Thinking

Following the advice from ‘The Secret’ , we should always feel positive everyday, therefore would create a positive energy towards our environment.

I know this morning I didn’t think positively. (Must be still thinking about the jerks. why should I bother anyway?) And I hit a motorcycle. This would be my first time of hitting someone/something as I only started driving my own car for less than a month.

Good thing GOD still protect me and the guy and his wife in the motorcycle. No wound, no damage or dented. The only problem was with my license plate. The plate was scribbled like a piece of paper, which is impossible because it is made of metal….. and so I still don’t know how that could happen. Anyway, I’m so grateful that God still protect me.

I was affraid of not getting the parking space at the office (because I was running late due to the accident), but then I remembered “The Secret”, so I started projecting that I will get my favorite parking space. And I did. It was funny because usually that spot was full earlier.

Now, I want to feel positive again… nothing to worry about. (worrying about something bad that would happen to you will create a negative energy and giving you ‘bad thing’)

I’m a supergirl with my super God. Nothing bad could happen to me…. 🙂


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