Snow….. White Christmas


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….

Kayak apa sih yg namanya salju (snow)? Berhubung gue tinggal di Indonesia yang beriklim tropis, blom pernah tuh turun salju di sini. apalagi gue tinggal di Jakarta yg panas, bukan di pegunungan.

The picture above was from a friend of mine who lives in Switzerland. It was taken recently, just before Christmas in Switzerland.

I always wonder how it feels… (snow I mean) must be really cold 🙂 I like going to the mountains (in Indonesia) rather than the beaches, but still the snow would be… far far colder than that….

One day I’m sure I can touch it 🙂


One thought on “Snow….. White Christmas

  1. yeah. Same with me, I mean me too. I’m really sure can touch snow but when, I don’t know. That important I must can be see snow and fell it.

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