Follow your heart or your head?

In regards to love, should one follow their heart or their head?

I’m still in search for the answer and so anyone who knows the answer feel free to post a comment….

Let’s see how many times I choose which…

2001: I need to choose between 2 guys, and I follow my head. I sucessfully turned a guy to gay! and got rejected by the other guy (which I chose using my head)

2005: Again following my head, I’ve chosen my career over a guy. He finally resigned from my life in 2006.

2006: I rejected 2 guys following my head…. I also got rejected by some guys who I dont know whether he followed his heart or head (1 for sure following his stupid weigh scale).

2007: I started believing my heart and put my hope on this guy, only to find out later on that he has chosen someone else to be his wife….. :((

just recently happen: why i keep on following my head? stupid!!!! my heart says yes but my head refuses it!


2 thoughts on “Follow your heart or your head?

  1. Hehehehehe.. gua sempet ngakak lho baca kejadian yg 2001 itu nittttt.. hahahahaha..
    Hmmmmm, don’t worry yaaaa.. biarkan Dia bekerja di dalam hidupmu yaaa.. :):):)

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