For Love or Money (counting)

Now let’s count how many times I’ve chosen love or money over the other.

Year 2005 was the biggest hit of my live. I was at the peak. I had it all, a good career (and growing) and a good friend (BF?)…… Anyway, at that time I chose my career over him. He would ruin everything I build in the company where I worked. and so I’ve chosen money rather than love…. eventually he resigned not just from the company, but from my life…

Year 2006, I choose love, so money was not my friend…. But then at the end love also leaving me….. (but thats another story, i will put it under different title)

Year 2007…. The year still going…. there is still hope 🙂


One thought on “For Love or Money (counting)

  1. Hehehehe.. ngga beda jauh nih ama yg gua alamin.. 😛
    Tapi memang bener koq nit, qta akan selalu dihadapkan pada 2 pilihan itu.. Pilihlah dgn bijaksana krn pilihan itu akan menentukan detik berikutnya dlm kehidupan qta..

    Hmmmmm, asik ya hidup ini.. begitu menarik & berwarna.. hehehehe..

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